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SBM helps businesses take a pro-active and assertive approach to lease management, enabling them to maximise opportunities and reduce costs.

Through extensive research and in-depth analysis, we help organisations manage renewals, break-clauses and lease restructures to unlock clients from high rents and onerous terms.

Timing is critical to managing difficult situations and our teams advise, support and manage the process of renegotiating leases for the benefit of our clients.

We combine our experience, with researched data mixed with our understanding of the power of correct timing to reduce and cut needless over exposure to rental and lease liabilities.

Successful lease management negotiations are based on extensive planning and preparation in the following areas:

  • Detailed analysis of all lengthy lease documentation – often containing many archaic terms
  • Estimation of costs in respect of exit clauses
  • Setting up actions in relation to notices
  • Negotiations with the landlord
  • Securing full and final settlement
Nick Moss

"By restructuring a client lease in Bucharest, we secured a 20% reduction in liabilities and a rent decrease whilst maintaining a positive relationship with the landlord."

Nick Moss

Project Director

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