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Lease expiries and break dates

Lease expiries and break dates have always presented rare but realistic opportunities for companies to restructure and to transform.

The rise of home working, perceived cost savings through WFH and the feeling amongst some that being at home is more productive have added another layer.

‘Hybrid working’ is a meaningless term – business doesn’t stop on Mondays and Fridays and nor does the need for working together.

The three biggest WFH issues:

  • A Creativity Gap. People are more creative when they are working together, more cohesive and more aligned. In highly competitive industries teamwork is more efficient than lone work.
  • Missed Problems. WFH can create a sense of misplaced distance between the individual and their organisation. After all, the organisation carries the risk, not the individual. The longer problems go unseen, the more expensive they are to fix.
  • Most businesses survive only if they are A) Creative and B) free from problems of their own making. As a result companies need offices and they need people in them all the time.

Published: 31st May 2023

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