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Free from Covid, Brexit and conflict – the New Year presents a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity for companies to turn property fear into business confidence.

This year we welcomed more clients than ever before. Many of these were international companies, which are run efficiently yet without the time to focus on the long-term effects of property. They decided to place resolution of their property issues with us. 

We love sorting out complex property matters because it’s our part of the jungle and we know what we are doing. Property is a people business and through being personable and professional, our team is boundless in delivering results for clients wherever they are in the world.

Fears of rent increases for warehouses has turned into confidence through the value unlocked by relocation to more efficient, carbon friendly buildings.

Fears of being ‘over officed’ have turned into confidence by adapting to collaborative hubs rather than 9-5 work boxes.

Fears of vacant properties have been overcome through our process for accelerating the disposal of unwanted commercial properties.

Fears of ill health in the work-place have transformed into confidence with the provision of welfare and access to medical facilities.

Fears of taking property action are giving way to increasing confidence in presenting the long-term benefits of correct property actions to those demanding short-term results.

Alongside supporting our clients, 2022 will see the evolution of our International Surveyor Platform, new Client Carbon Offset opportunities and the increasing availability of our services to the owners of businesses. 

Through all of this my most important message is one of thanks to our amazing clients and to SBM’s much loved and yet at times unsung heroes who make up our diverse, agile, skilled and committed team. We are fit for the future; fit for 2022.

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Stephen Bleakley

Published: 21st December 2021

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