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Clients with interests in South America are set to benefit after SBM’s latest fact-finding mission delivered key insights and cemented new and existing relationships across the continent.

We visited Brazil, Argentina and Chile during the autumn and met with clients, businesses, key stakeholders and experts in the broker, environmental and legal markets.

Lucila Blasco

Pictured: Lucila Blasco, SBM’s Partner in South America

SBM has been supporting clients in South America for the last 10 years with long-standing connections in the region as well as a clear understanding of commercial operations, local markets and cultural business practises.

South America has consistently demonstrated good signs of stability since the end of the economic crisis in 2002 with controlled inflation and exchange rates, continuous growth as well as a decrease in social inequality and unemployment.


SBM is currently working on client projects from Manaus in the north to São Paulo in the south, supporting British companies expanding and opening up for the first time as well as working with businesses looking to expand out of the country.

During the visit, SBM met with members of the British Embassy, the British Society in Sao Paulo as well as representatives from UK Trade & Industry.

Our relationships with in-country brokers continues to strengthen our understanding of local economies, Brazilian property law and tax considerations as well as the current cyclical nature of office space requirements.


With a ‘tenant favourable’ environment in both the office and industrial sectors, we completed relocation feasibility assessments, identified new premises and assisted with documentation for remediation processes and environmental legislation.

Brazilian tech companies are booming across the country while the oil and gas industry is going from strength to strength after one of the biggest offshore oil discoveries off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The Transfer of Rights Surplus Bidding Round promises to attract key international players including British businesses as well as generate enormous rewards for the government.

It has seen international clients expand into the country while others that are already based there have expanded tenfold, which brings new challenges and opportunities in relation to property.


SBM met with leading property investors and developers as part of its brief to manage the disposal of a 105-hectare site in eastern Argentina.

Located in the north eastern province of Buenos Aires, SBM held a number of meetings to discuss proposals to create a strategic new port at Zarate which is located in the heart of an industrial area.

With strong investment in the oil and gas industries during the past two years there are many exciting opportunities in Argentina.

Vaca Muerta in Añelo, Neuquén has more than 100 wells and long term offshore plans but it is an area with notable challenges including the lack of infrastructure and development.

British companies are harnessing their skills to help the country move forward and SBM has been drawing upon its vast network of legal and property contacts to assist with the process.


Many successful Argentinian companies are also eyeing moves to London, Italy and Russia.


SBM is working closely with Britcham — the British Chilean Chamber of Commerce – to identify and work with companies that have current and future property requirements in Chile.

We attended the ExpoEdifica 2019 Construction Trade Fair in Santiago and held meetings with a number of Chilean, European and global businesses based in the country.

The visit cemented SBM’s knowledge and insights into the economic and business climate in Chile where there are huge opportunities for industrial relocation with both government and private land available.


While the political climate is challenging and economic growth has slowed, the Unidad de Fomento (UF) has helped to control the exchange rate keeping values constant.

The office market has moved from ‘tenant favourable’ to a more competitive environment mainly due to changing regulations and slow development but SBM has continued to strengthen its network to assist clients with interests in the area.

Looking to the future

SBM’s trip to South America was hugely successful helping our dedicated team support client interests across the continent.

SBM’s deep understanding of issues and opportunities at ground level is invaluable, growing our knowledge and connections about commercial operations and local businesses practises for the benefit of our clients.

Our global network has been strengthened and the final stages of significant projects have been progressed.

With plans to return to South America in 2020, we will continue to work alongside our global network to support client requirements in the corporate real estate sector across South America.

SBM visited São Paulo, Brazil 18th – 21st September, Buenos Aires, Argentina from 22nd – 27th September Santiago, Chile: 28th September – 4th October.

Published: 13th November 2019

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