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Typically, there are two types of property situations – those that are planned and those that are not. 

Planned property situations frequently fall in to lease management and cover areas such as lease expiries and lease re-structures.

Unplanned and unexpected property and real estate situations are different. They are usually the result of incomplete, rushed or inexperienced but well-meaning transactions.

The issue at the heart of these types of real estate decisions is usually a question of resource.

Rarely appreciated are the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional qualities of modern-day commercial leasing and purchasing of commercial real estate.

Those who claim they have ‘done a good deal’ are often unable to justify how they have arrived at such a finding.

A specialist in real estate should be able to justify their outcomes measured against the true market and not the landlord’s quoting terms.  To do this they must carry out a deep dive into the detail and ask questions.

At SBM, our management consultancy expertise addresses the following:

* Understanding clients’ requirements and expectations

* Consideration of the stakeholder’s outlook across the wider business

* Consideration of the relationship between potential property decisions with other properties held and occupied throughout the world

* The use of real estate to drive company re-structures

* The use of property as a means to drive a company, sustainably, forward

* Flexibility, divisibility and efficiency with resilience against unfulfilled business expectations

* Property’s impact on the wider team’s enthusiasm, commitment and sense of value.

* An understanding that a successful combination of people, technology and buildings drives growth

The outcome of our management consulting related to real estate will always be better real estate decisions which are often difficult to conduct internally.

A benefit of consulting with SBM is that the thinking and momentum behind real estate decision is always carried forward in to the implementation.

We are looking forward to discussing your objectives, requirements and real estate challenges over a multitude of time horizons soon.


Published: 14th May 2019

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