Six Core Services

SBMCRE’s philosophy is derived from our extensive project experience.

Our commitment to client participation in projects and communication during all of our projects is universal.

Corporate Real Estate Philosophy


All property situations are different and have to be considered on an individual basis.


No one is a property expert. Expertise is derived through a chemistry of talents applied to each situation.


We Strategise globally, Resource locally, Coordinate completely to deliver maximum potential, with total efficiency.

For increased profit, smoother running, efficient handling of every property situation you face, anywhere in the world our work is distilled in to six core services:


Market oriented intelligence, supply trends, prices, rentals and occupational costs worldwide to provide your business with information for informed property decisions.


Our process of defining, researching, negotiating and delivering a property to meet the current and future needs of your business. Aligning property and profits.


Considering all key aspects of the exit from your unwanted property, relative to your goals and the market, implementing and managing the optimum disposal plan.

Lease Management

Allowing your business to take maximum advantage of your existing leases and seizing opportunities that lie within them. Including; Rating & Rent Reviews.

Location Strategies

Our location strategies bring property and business closer together with the goal of having the right properties where and when you need them.


Our tailored training programs enable you to become increasingly self-sufficient in resolving corporate real estate problems internally.

SBM Trading

An abundance of successful property related triumphs across a diverse spectrum of issues, cultures, sizes and uses has taken SBM Corporate Real Estate to a place where those same skills are in demand from our clients for the resolution of issues not property related.

In other words, clients are asking us to apply the same skills that caused property success on the other side of the world to even higher value and more intractable corporate issues that lie beyond property.

SBM Trading

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