SBM Corporate
Real Estate
Established 1998

SBMCRE was established on the core principle of property enabled business growth for our clients.

We wanted to provide clients seeking representation with the option of securing property advice, information and transactional performance in their best interests, wherever they are in the World.

Putting clients at the forefront of our philosophy, designing project strategies centrally and resourcing on a case by case basis we are able to optimise projects positively beyond the reach of the other alternatives a client might have.

Fully focussing on tenant and occupier representation to the exclusion of everyone else we have painstakingly built up a reputation as being the largest, family owned and managed tenant rep firm at least in the UK, with a rivalled Global reach.

Within our team we believe in and encourage:

  • Responsibility
  • Dynamism
  • Agility
  • Creativity
  • Integrity

Being effective in the world of corporate real estate demands trust and good working relationships across all aspects of the projects. Whilst this is simple it isn’t always easy which could be why SBMCRE is perhaps one of the very few companies like us in the world.

We brought forward an opportunity for our clients to take property advice that was indisputably in their best interests.

  • 1998 | 2000 SBMCRE established by Stephen J Bleakley.
  • 2000 | 2005 SBMCRE completes its first 300+ projects with successful acquisitions and disposals in the UK and Europe along with strategic benchmarking and transaction audit work for companies in the Media and Telecommunications sectors.
  • 2006 | 2010 Expansion across the full spectrum of corporate real estate activities and projects completed across most European countries. Our client’s are first introduced to Locations Strategies.
  • 2011 | 2016 Following the European recession SBMCRE completes its deep international presence, with projects launched with a further global reach, to South and North America, South Africa, Australia, India, Singapore, and Hungary.
  • 2018 SBMCRE’s client base has extended to over 200+ with 2000+ projects successfully completed. We have a renewed emphasis on extending our property cost cutting service to our European clients whilst delivering incisive property solutions to those clients seeking expansion in an active and ever tighter UK market.

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